Banana Spelt Muffins With Chocolate Chunks

Tis the season to invoke my inner Nigella Lawson (Domestic Goddess, I know you’re hiding deep down inside me!) and spur myself with full force back into the kitchen. I’ve taken quite a long vacation from baking as I’ve been distracted by summer, work (never a good thing) and a new love – yes, a boy. … [Read more...]

Shelly’s Tea Room

Place yourself in the middle of a chocolate box village square in Kent, England.  Dappled sun rays filter through the dark verdant leaves and warm your face as you lazily lounge at an outside table on the cobbled pavement. Your eyes roam from each picturesque black and white timbered period … [Read more...]

Grandma’s Drop Scones

One of my earliest memories of my Grandmother’s kitchen is watching her make drop scones.  At the time, she had a Rayburn and I would watch the thick batter slide from the large wooden spoon to smooth and settle itself across the flat scorching griddle and wait for the warm buttery smell to permeate … [Read more...]