Chocolate Fudge Brownies With Hazlenuts- a toothsome treat!

When I was a teacher in Boston, there were two different routes I could take home – both journeys would require me to change trains. One of the routes, however, when I transferred lines, brought me smack bang  in front of my favourite Boston bakery, Tatte Fine cookies and cakes.  I admit that there … [Read more...]

Banana Spelt Muffins With Chocolate Chunks

Tis the season to invoke my inner Nigella Lawson (Domestic Goddess, I know you’re hiding deep down inside me!) and spur myself with full force back into the kitchen. I’ve taken quite a long vacation from baking as I’ve been distracted by summer, work (never a good thing) and a new love – yes, a boy. … [Read more...]

Catastrophic Chocolate Chip Cookies- is it me or the cookie?

Being an alpha employee, I eagerly signed myself up to bake ‘something nice’ for my boss’s Birthday party at work.  Since I don’t own the gobsmackingly gorgeous raspberry ice pink Kitchen Aid stand mixer I have been drooling over for months now, Anthony Valerio’s Red Hot Velvet Cupcakes with Fiery … [Read more...]

Stratton Mountain Sweets – Treats and Toys For All Ages!

Missing your kids or significant other in the Stratton Village?  Chances are you will find them in the Stratton Mountain Sweets store with their eyes the size of saucers staring at the endless and vibrant candy displays surrounding them.  They won’t stare for long as they enthusiastically fill their … [Read more...]

Baking with a box and a little brother – Fun da-middles

Well, not just any box, an old time favorite friend of mine, drum roll please, Ms. Betty Crocker!  Not just any little brother either, Reid Montgomery Barry, the youngest of my seven stupendous brothers and sisters!  The whole Barry clan is up in Stratton, Vermont skiing for the Christmas holidays. … [Read more...]