Meet Miss. Barry

Tea Time

My name is Laura.  Originally from Southport, Connecticut, I recently moved to the other side of the pond to settle into country life in a quintessential Kent village by the sea.  My mother being British moved back here a few years ago after many years spent in the US.  Now, I have followed in her footsteps and am quickly adapting to a British (Barbara Pym) lifestyle.

When I am not glued to my computer searching for the perfect publishing position, I bike into Sandwich (the neighboring booming metropolis)… bake with my Grandmother who lives half a mile from me in a chocolate box Thatched cottage…

I’m learning to cultivate a green thumb in my little walled garden that seems to hold every English flower (and weed) imaginable…I’m becoming an addict for Zumba …I’m taking up French again (lived there for a year and it’s true, ‘use it or loose it’).  On sunny days, I set off walking with a tilted sunhat and wellingtons pulled high and stride past St. Mary’s church path out onto the endless golden wheat fields of Kent…all the while daydreaming, half expecting, the likes of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett to stroll into view….

The Blazing Donkey pub offers cool local apple cider and village gossip to refresh me.  No walk, however, will go completely unnoticed (window twitching continues …still considered ‘The American’ that I am). Blended into the days are the hours I spend reading… books of all pursuits and passions…books that beckon and cannot be put down…books that enfold you and don’t let you go until the last page is read (and then you wish it never ended). Books like these need to be shared…..

This site explores and documents my passion for experimental baking and obsession with reading.  It will include all my triumphs AND disasters in the kitchen.  I will highlight the books I could not put down and raced to finish along with the books to put on the back burner.  It will also include my day trips to surrounding villages and the culinary delights that they provide.

So, please come along… join me on my British culinary and literary adventure!


Please let me know your thoughts. Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome!

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