Stratton Mountain Sweets – Treats and Toys For All Ages!

My sister Annabel is clearly a fan!

Missing your kids or significant other in the Stratton Village?  Chances are you will find them in the Stratton Mountain Sweets store with their eyes the size of saucers staring at the endless and vibrant candy displays surrounding them.  They won’t stare for long as they enthusiastically fill their plastic bags with an assortment of their favorite sweet, sugary candy.

Enter the store around 2:30pm and you enter at your own peril.  You will face a swarm of recently released ski school kids hungry for every sweet treat the store provides.  Stocked with every candy imaginable, this store is a sweet tooth’s dream come true.

The store has expanded its already immense sweet selection and recently moved into a larger shop space, perfect for those of us who had to elbow kids out of the way to reach the sour straws (what, not me?!) .

Painted an eye popping pink, as soon as you step into candy land you will get a sugar high from all the sweet confections that line the shelves.  For chocoholics like myself, they have a chocolate cabinet filled with a large collection of mouthwatering and delicious chocolates.  I highly recommend the dark chocolate almond bark!

This store is also a one-stop destination for birthday party treats and gifts for kids.  It sells not only candy, but also a fabulous selection of stuffed animals, games, and craft projects.

Have a serious sweet tooth like myself? Try to restrain yourself from buying everything in the store!



  1. For a moment there, I was worried when I read the sign advertising ‘stuffed animals!’, but to my relief it was referring to soft cuddly toy animals only (sorry, it’s the animal conservationist in me!). Those sweets look amazing! You hardly ever come across shops like that anymore. However, there are a few old fashioned sweet shops in the UK, and one called Mr Simms Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe ( There is one in Reading too! Xx

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