Shelly’s Tea Room

Shelly's Famous Tea Room

Place yourself in the middle of a chocolate box village square in Kent, England.  Dappled sun rays filter through the dark verdant leaves and warm your face as you lazily lounge at an outside table on the cobbled pavement.

Chilham Square - photo supplied by Mr. Clyde Kent

Your eyes roam from each picturesque black and white timbered period house surrounding the square (most built in the 15th century…) until your gaze finally rests on the majestic and towering Chilham Castle poking above the thick stone walls that sets it apart from the square.

Chilham Castle- photo supplied by Mr. Cylde Kent

To top this scenic delight, a scrumptious and decadent cream tea is placed before your greedy eyes.  The tea is perfectly steeped, cream is whipped to perfection, scones are moist and have just the right amount of raisins, and the homemade raspberry jam is spot on.  Ahhh, go ahead, dig in.

Cream Tea at Shelly's Tea House

We are in Chilham, a parish located in the valley of the Great Stour River in the English countryside of Kent.  Renowned for its breathtaking beauty and period houses, Chilham can also boast of being featured in many period dramas (BBC’s 2009 adaptation of ‘‘Emma’ to name one of the many).  St. Mary’s Church, made almost entirely of flint, dates back to 1280. However, earlier foundations suggest that there has been a church on the site since the 7th century!  It is easy to see why this charming village lures so many tourists.  For those of you planning to visit this delightful village another plus is that it is easily accessible, located just off the A28, 6 miles (10 km) south of Canterbury.

St. Mary's Church - Photo supplied by Mr. Clyde Kent

If you fancy an escape back in time…this quintessential English village coupled with mouthwatering cream teas is for you!

Taylor's Hill- Photo supplied by Clyde Kent


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